try longterm

Longterm-oriented actions for people and organisations


In 2291 we will celebrate the 1000th year of Switzerland. 1291 to 2291. How will we live? What drives us? What progress do we want? What is not wanted? 

2291 refreshes the dialogue on the future and builds bridges between generations, regions and the most diverse people in Switzerland. With a trilogy we spark longterm thinking and acting: the books, the short films and the event series 2291 on tour. The 2291 Festivals mark magical milestones.

The idea for 2291 originates from a visit to Hawaii: The old Hawaiians had the ambition to consider the impact of their decisions on the next seven generations.

2291 encourages reflection, causes smiles and lively discussions. Acquaintances arise among strangers, old and new friends meet. This is the idea and our vision: to co-create the stable ground ensuring that Switzerland's 1000 year celebration in 2291 will be a lavish, happy and inspiring celebration. 

And because people from Berne are known to be slow, we are already starting the preparations today.